Who We Are

We provide thoughtful counsel with timely and relevant tools that enable our clients to set clear direction, take decisive action, and pivot in response to changing market conditions. 

June Gunter, Ed.D.

Co-Founder, GO-OD Consulting

With 33 years of experience in organization development, June brings depth of understanding and clarity of purpose to preparing people for change.

She has been a partner in a boutique consulting firm, Practice Leader for Organizational Development for Kaiser Permanente and Director of Change Management for Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield. June has led multiple executive/senior leadership teams through development in preparation for organizational growth and transformation. She served as an Adjunct Professor in the College of Organizational Studies at Alliant University, Alameda, CA, 2001-2003 and an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Organizational Development Curriculum at the New School for Social Research, New York, NY, 1996-1997.

June holds a Doctor of Education degree in the field of Adult Learning from North Carolina State University and a Master of Arts Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from East Carolina University.

June is also the Co-Founder and CEO of TeachingHorse, LLC. Established in 2004, TeachingHorse prepares people to lead confidently into the future. Working with horses, people learn to remain calm and confident in the face of uncertainty, build trusting relationships and communicate with authenticity.

For more information, visit TeachingHorse, LLC. 

Toula Ousouljoglou, MA

Co-Founder, GO-OD Consulting

With 30 years experience as a change management and business process improvement consultant, Toula is passionate about helping her clients identify what they’re doing well and where they have opportunities for improvement, and then helps them create a path to reach their goals.

She has facilitated large-scale efforts at Kaiser Permanente, Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield and JP Morgan Chase and is an adjunct faculty member in the Organizational Change Management Program at The New School since 1997. She enjoys turning theory into effective practice.

Known for developing creative strategies to build commitment to and minimize resistance to change, Toula employs problem-solving tools that support the organization’s overall strategy, honors the organization’s culture and values, and does all of this in a way that fosters trust and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Toula received her Masters of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Her passion for Continuous Improvement was sparked while earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Operations Management) from Boston University.


  • 30+ years facilitating enterprise-wide change in a variety of settings.
  • 20+ years of working together.


  • Our clients are our partners. We intentionally get to know you and your overall needs so we can help you grow over time.


  • Because we know you, we can quickly customize solutions that meet your specific needs and support your organization’s culture. One size does not fit all.


  • We design solutions with the intent to deliver the right guidance, content and tools at the right moment in the right amount of time to meet the needs of your business.


  • The tools we provide work, but only if you know how to use them. We share useful tools with you, and we guide and coach you as you apply them to the challenges you’re facing. We stick around for the hard part.


  • We use fixed-fee pricing. Our fees reflect your desired outcome. Our willingness to help you achieve your outcome is not limited to a set number of hours.